Friday, May 30, 2014

Back to Class with AOE!

                 Showing Student Growth in Art
I just joined the community and gave my introduction bio. Off and running for AOE class #2.  I took the Assessment course a couple of months back.  It really challenged me to think about my teaching in a new way and also to analyze my feelings about assessment.  With the Common Core in place and the new teacher evaluation expectations, Student Growth is something I need to know more about.  I'll try to post as much as I can this month, especially since it is our final weeks of school and I will have lessons I want to share but please bear with me if I seem to disappear as the ever studious student.  I'll let you know how the course goes but I know I will walk away with new information for the fall and how I will document Student Growth with my students.

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  1. I took this class in march and it was excellent! You will get a lot out of it...if your state has not started using SLO/SGO's yet this will get you ready and ahead of the game... if you are already using them it will help you develop and set your growth goals with confidence... been thinking about taking the assessment class now.... :) my district paid for the class which was awesome, may wait and apply to have them pay again next fall....