Friday, May 16, 2014

Shape Dinosaurs in habitats

This is a follow-up to a post a few weeks ago I was leaving for a sub.  Here is the previous post.  I had wanted Kindergarten students to practice cutting skills and then form a dinosaur of their choice out of the shapes.  I didn't think they would have time to complete everything in one session and I was correct.  The substitute worked with student on cutting out their shapes and that is all they accomplished.   The next week I talked with students about habitats and specifically, what the habitat for a dinosaur might look like.  The discussions included foods and other things that might be necessary for survival.  Students set to work drawing a habitat and adding color.  Once these were completed, I handed out their envelopes of shapes from the previous class and had them play with them to form a dinosaur of their choice.  It could resemble a dinosaur they knew about or it could be a fantasy dino.  I had them play for awhile and then allowed them to glue the dinosaur onto the habitat.  The project was a hit and students were excited to take them home.  I wanted to save them for the hall bulletin board because they really are "just that cute"!  So here are a few photos.
Two Dinosaurs because the student wanted one to fly

This one looks like a prehistoric porcupine.

This student wanted to make sure her Dino had water

Another pair of dinosaurs

Lots of scales or lots of legs...not sure

Lots of detail added to this one using crayon after the glue down.

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