Sunday, July 6, 2014

Today I met Kristy Patterson

Today I met dictionary artist and fellow art educator, Kristy Patterson from Oklahoma.  I don't remember where I first discovered her work, maybe pinterest or her etsy shop.  I instantly connected to it and have purchased several of her prints for gifts for family members and friends.  I love her work but had never bought anything for myself. She, along with her husband traveled to the Berkshires this holiday weekend for the Berkshire Arts Festival where I had the opportunity of chatting with her for a period of time and purchased the original of the work above.  I am really excited to own this piece and especially excited to own a Kristy Patterson original.  I plan to share it with my students to demonstrate that anything is possible with their art and then to proudly display it in my home.  You can see more of Kristy's wonderful work at Flying Shoes Art Studio and she has a etsy shop.  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Children writing children's books - Connecting Art and Writing

The Boy Who Met Aliens by Sabrina, Caitlyn and Michael

Planet Wheeee by Paige, Rachel, Jordyn, and Elisalyn

Ultimate Cheer by Chloe, Kacie and Taylee

The Butler Gets Fired

Party at Pig's House by Alyssa, Kassidy and Tatumn

Planet Wheeee

Jenny's Flute Lesson by Julia, Kileigh and Tori
All of my fifth grade students worked to create an illustrated children's book this past school year.  Out of the approximately 25 books being written, only about four were successfully completed.  I had taken a course on writing children's books last summer and thought it would be a wonderful project idea for my oldest students when school began last fall.  In many ways, it was a wonderful project idea.  Students studied the work of published authors and illustrators, learned about writing manuscripts and how to create a storyboard.  They worked in collaborative groups of their own choosing to write the manuscripts and to create the illustrations.  The downfall, it took all but about eight weeks of the school year and as I previously mentioned, only a small percentage of the books were completed.  If I were forced to measure growth for this project; I would have several measurements to qualify the learning that was taking place.  I was most impressed by the engagement in the project.  The last month had many groups "checking out" their work so they could add illustrations at home and during rainy recess times. I think this was a success and good project but I am disappointed that I wasn't able to cover some of the other projects that I normally complete with 5th graders.  So, my take away, I will do this project in a much more concise way next fall.  I'm thinking I will make the books smaller, they had concentrated on a standard 32 page book.  I'm also thinking books will be an individual project instead of collaborative group work.  I loved the enthusiasm my students showed for this project so I am sharing some of the successful illustration with you here.
The Butler Gets Fired by Jeremy, Jacob and Jeffry
Niecko by Amira
The Butler Gets Fired

The Butler Gets Fired

The Butler Gets Fired

Rex and the Rainbow Mountain by Oliva, Sadie & Jenna

Rex and the Rainbow Mountain

Rex and the Rainbow Mountain