Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And then we glaze....Finally!

 My clay schedule was really off this year due to snow days and other project flukes so here we are in May with my students glazing clay projects.  We have seven more weeks of school and it's a cool Spring so its really not a big problem.  But it feels really off to be so late completing these things!  Both fourth and fifth grade classes create animals with the emphasis on analyzing shapes and putting them together to form a distinguishable animal.  It was a hard few weeks during the creative process when I felt I really had to push so many of my students to extend their thinking and put more effort into their work.
 It looks like it might have paid off.  Here are a few of the works with under glaze applied this morning.  I will dip them into a transparent glaze prior to the final firing.  Of course, the colors will really pop once fired.  I am pleased with some of the creative choice student's made with color application and detail.  Watch for finished work in the next few weeks!
This amazing deer is by a 5th grader.  It also is a clay whistle.

Check out the cool polka dots on this sea creature.

Octopus and Star fish are always popular but a real challenge
when it comes to keeping the legs from breaking.

Not an animal....this student sold me on his project idea
so I let him deviate from the initial assignment.  It's still shapes
to form what might have been a living creature.

Turtles are always too popular

Check out how intent he is in his work.  This octopus will
be purple.

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