Sunday, May 22, 2016

More photos of the Art Show

Kindergarten Air Dry Clay Suns

A few more photos from the Fiesta Art Gallery 

Art Show #2 - The Capeless Fiesta Gallery

 I was really pleased at how the work shaped up for the first ever Fiesta Art Gallery.  I have shared with you previous how the teachers put on a Cinco de Mayo dance for students each year in May known as Fiesta.  Art classes are expected to do the decorations.  I have always hated to waste valuable art class time on dance decorations so proposed the idea of an art show to the committee this year.  I was pleased that everyone was very open to the idea.  I planned projects with cultural connections in mind for each grade level so they would enhance the dance theme but also allow for real art projects instead of decorations.  The photos are taken prior to the dance.
1st grade Tropical Birds from the Rainforest

Rainforest Birds - a multi media project with
drawing, painting, and collage

4th Metal Tooling Fiesta Suns

4th grade Lizards with the gallery label
3rd grade Crazy Cactus, a multi medium project with
collage, and drawing

2nd grade Amate bark paintings (on brown paper bags)

More Amate paintings

Tropical Birds in the entry way with the Gallery Sign
Crazy Cactus with Gallery Sign

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 Kindergarten students are starting to weave this week.  This will probably be their final project of the year.  They are weaving with gimp into the product that you use so cups and dishes won't slide in your cabinets.  I cut pieces about 6"x2" and they practiced the simple in and out that is weaving.  To make it more fun, I tell them the gimp is a very noisy snake who is wondering what is going on in the art room.  He pokes his head up out of the ground only to be frightened by their noise and laughter which sends him back down in the next hole.  You can hear them repeating the story to their snakes as they weave.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Images from the Night of Excellence

Borrowed this from a post.  Notes to the artist.
 I was disappointed that only one child received one.  
The Night of Excellence is a school wide event in one of my buildings.  Each classroom showcases work from the year.  Most are in the nature of state projects, unit work, or other grade based curriculum.   I was thrilled to be able to showcase  a few canvas paintings from my after school Art Club program.  

Looking in from the doorway

A few of the painting up close with the artist labels

Art was on the tables and the window shelves

A few more up close pictures taken facing the doorway

Next week - school number two!  I'll post photos from that one when it is over.  It will showcase works from all students grades K - 4th.  It's been a very busy month!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Sun will shine in the Fiesta Gallery

 In just a few weeks, I will be setting up student works for the Fiesta Art Gallery.  Students in grade K - 4 have been exploring the artist culture of Mexico and creating art for the exhibit.  It will be held in conjunction with the Fiesta dinner and dance at one of my schools.   I am especially pleased with the results of 4th grades student's work with art foil.  I created a simple template for the sun and students were encourage to adapt and make it their own as they created Mexican Suns.  They had spent some time viewing examples of the use of the sun in Mexican arts and crafts prior to beginning their own work.  After working the foil to give it the dimensional qualities, they added color using sharpie markers.  I'll post works from other grades to share their projects as they are completed.