2017 Drawing Challenges

It's time I started focusing on drawing for myself again.  Today I began my commitment to participate in the Every Day Drawing Challenge MonaLisaLivesHere  and the #K12ArtChallenge.
I think the 2nd challenge will be the most challenging, limiting myself to a 15 second draw.  I will begin to add my work here as well as on Twitter and KimExpressed on Facebook.  My goal for the year is to not only draw with my favorite tool - graphite pencil but also to stretch myself by attempting to utilize the iPad with Sketchbookx.  I'd like to be able to use the iPad app with my students at school so this will help me to develop a comfort level with it to better instruct and assist my students in their own art making.  So here we begin...January 1, 2017

I chose my house shoe with socked foot included

January 1, 2017 #K12ArtChallenge - Turning over a new leaf
Quick draw but still went beyond the 15 seconds
Twisting a turning of many leaves with more detail and more time involved.  I couldn't help myself.

Day 2 -  #K12ArtChallenge - flower
Trying an app to draw.  This is totally new for me.

Every Day Drawing Challenge - Day 2 - lamp

Day 3 - Every day drawing challenge

A bag for Everyday drawing challenge

More bags for #eddc

#k12artchallenge - day 3

a fish - I have begun to use the challenges from this daily for my students as well

Day 4 - Every Day Drawing Challenge
mug or coffee cup
This one was fun because I experiemented with watercolor pencils

k12art challenge - day 4 - a plant
This is what plants look like in my area this time of the year - bare and dead

Day 5 K12ArtChallenge - Animal
My buddy lying beside me on the couch

Day 5 - Every Day Drawing Challenge

My Bed

Day 6 - #K12ArtChallenge  - Time

Time over time

Day 6 Every Day Drawing Challenge

1st generation Barbie...doesn't look like her face and a total exaggeration of the proportions; buit Fun!

Day 7 - #K12ArtChallenge

A fun and imaginative insect

Day 7  Every Day Drawing Challenge

Bottle, jar, or tin from the kitchen 

Every day drawing challenge - draw a watch 

My Minnie Mouse watch from High School

K12ArtChallenge - 15 second drawing of a landscape  - Day 8!
A view from my window

Day 9 already!!!

K12ArtChallenge - Something broken

Every Day Drawing Challenge  "Organized Chaos"

Every Day Drawing Challenge  Day 10  Hands

Color pencil

K12Art Challenge - Day 10  Clouds
color pencil

K12ArtChallenge Day 11 - Food

My breakfast

Every Day Drawing Challenge - my glasses - Day 11

Day 12 Challenges!

Day 12 #everydaydrawing challenge - Dinner

#K12ArtChallange  Hero

Day 13 Challenges

#everydaydrawing challenge   A phone

#K12Art Challenge   Emotion

Day 14 Challenges

What I see first thing in the morning -time on cable box

#K12ArtChalllenge - bones in 15 seconds

Already - Day 15!

#K12Art Challenge - your feet

#eddc  #everydaydrawingchallenge
A tree

Past the half way point of the month!!!  Day 16 challenges:

Everyday Drawing Challenge:
A favorite tool

Something you carry  #k12artchallenge

Day 18......#k12artchallenge  #eddc  #everydaydrawingchallenge

two views of water #k12artchallenge

Musical instrument #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge

Day 19  Only completed the k12artchallenge today.

Day 20 back in the swing

#eddc  "Dad"  Kaileigh's Day

#k12artchallenge - Keys, school keys

Catching Up!!!
Day 19
#eddc  #everydaydrawingchallenge

did some relief prints with my students today

Day 21 Drawing Challenges

Something old, antique, or vintage - a candy dish
#eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge

15 second draw - fabric

Day 22 Drawing Challenges

#eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge

#k12artchallege  A tree  15 second challenge

Day 23 Drawing Challenges

#eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge
Day 24

#eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge Fruit

#k12artchallenge  A Bag
Day 25  #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge                        Day 26 #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge
A drinking glass
Anything your want

Day 25 #k12artchallenge - candy                                        Day 26 #k12artchallenge - shoes
Candy #k12artchallenge
Catching up on post from the last several days.  I just didn't get them loaded onto the computer.

Every Day Drawing Challenge a chair for Day 30

#K12ArtChallenge   A building   Day 30

Every Day Drawing
Challenge  Day 31
Something you collect

#k12ArtChallenge  day 27  A reflection

Day 27  A Book     Every Day Drawing Challege

Day 29 #k12artchallenge    A Song

Day 28 Every Day Drawing Challenge
An appliance

Day 29 Something architectural
Every Day Drawing Challenge

Day 28 Jewelry #K12Artchallenge
#aheartadaychallenge   Day 1  A different heart
for every day in February

#eddc  #everydaydrawing challenge
Day 32  something metallic
Feb 2, 2017   
#eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge  Day 33
An eye - I chose to do Kitcat's eye as he sat
on the couch next to me.

#aheartadaychallenge   building on the composition

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