Sunday, June 29, 2014

I've been learning

Final days of my AOE class "Showing Student Growth in Art".  It has not been a disappointment.   I have been challenged to extend my thinking and definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone.  The discussions have been enlightening and thought provoking.  I will begin school in a few weeks fully armed to face the discussions of DDMs (District Determined Measures) and feel like I can make an worthwhile contribution.  I was most surprised to learn how far ahead other districts seem to be in this new phase of teacher evaluation.  I was thankful to be able to view some of the materials other educations are using and to gain deeper understanding as they shared previous experiences.  
And now....summer vacation!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Art is everywhere

I have come to realization that I am undoubtedly suppose to be an art teacher.  Yes, it must be true.  After having owned a couple of businesses, and done a wide variety of different type of jobs in my longggg lifetime I came to this surprising revelation today while calmly eating some cutesy sugary candies.  Whatttt?  I can hear you say.  So here is what happened. I was slaving away at straightening up the homestead a bit and cleaning the kitchen when I stumbled upon a container of flower shaped little candies that I had bought on a whim a while back when I was craving a sugar high.  Since I had worked through lunch and the tummy was a little rumbley, I cracked those candies open and began to much away.  In the process, the candies developed a life of their own and I felt drawn to creating patterns with the fun colors.  Before you knew it I was down to just a few of the enticing and tasty little guys and Ta Da...I had created a Tessellation!!!!  But, being that my mind is now obsessed with being an art teacher what was I next drawn to do.  Of course,  I grabbed the camera, you can't let that terrific visual get away!  Candy is now gone but the Tessellation will live forever!