Saturday, June 21, 2014

Art is everywhere

I have come to realization that I am undoubtedly suppose to be an art teacher.  Yes, it must be true.  After having owned a couple of businesses, and done a wide variety of different type of jobs in my longggg lifetime I came to this surprising revelation today while calmly eating some cutesy sugary candies.  Whatttt?  I can hear you say.  So here is what happened. I was slaving away at straightening up the homestead a bit and cleaning the kitchen when I stumbled upon a container of flower shaped little candies that I had bought on a whim a while back when I was craving a sugar high.  Since I had worked through lunch and the tummy was a little rumbley, I cracked those candies open and began to much away.  In the process, the candies developed a life of their own and I felt drawn to creating patterns with the fun colors.  Before you knew it I was down to just a few of the enticing and tasty little guys and Ta Da...I had created a Tessellation!!!!  But, being that my mind is now obsessed with being an art teacher what was I next drawn to do.  Of course,  I grabbed the camera, you can't let that terrific visual get away!  Candy is now gone but the Tessellation will live forever!

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