Thursday, April 24, 2014

Substitute plans for Kindergarten - Shapes and Animals

I will be attending the Art Bid on Thursday this week and will need to leave sub plans for Kindergarten.  That's the only class I worry about when I am out because all other classes work in their portfolios.  I am always thinking minimal supplies for Kindergarten and try to keep it really manageable.  After surfing the net and checking into to Pinterest, I found a cute handout on a mommy blog for assembling dinosaurs using foam shapes.  This blog is where I located it.
My handout for the shapes
Kindergarten Shapes and Animals

Math & Visual Arts Connections
Animals in their Habitats

Purpose:  For students to create an animal using shapes. Practice cutting skills
and identify shapes and their properties.

Prep work: Photo copy handout of shapes onto colored paper either assorted for
animal lesson or suggested green or purple for dinosaurs.

Materials: scissors, handout, glue, background paper or choice either 12 x 18
drawing or construction paper in blue.

Assessment: Did the students use their creativity to design an original animal or a
animal that is recognizable related to something they have learned or studied

Begin: Read a book about a variety of animals so that students can connect
to visuals of animals OR
Choose a specific animal to have students create such as a Dinosaur

Discuss what shapes create what parts of animals.
i.e. what might we use for a head shape, a body, legs, etc.

Each student receives a print out of a variety of shapes. They will
carefully cut out each shape and place into an envelope for safe
keeping as they cut.

Have students arrange shapes in a variety of ways prior to actually gluing onto background.  Complete composition using crayons to add a habitat for the animal or in prior lesson have students paint a background for the animal.


  1. I did something very similar to this as an extension for students who finished our animal unit early, here is post, saves times on cutting all of those pieces out just using tracers :)

    1. Cutting is an important skill to work on, however.

  2. I hope you don't mind. I put a link to this blog post on my blog for art teachers. Art Sub Lessons is the name of the blog. jan

  3. I use any dinosaur book; have used the series by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague