Bulletin Boards and Art displays

1st grade works

2nd grade works

4th and 5th grade bulletin board

My daughter is a back to school bulletin board creator extraordinaire! She designed this one to go with the 3rd grade teachers theme this fall of sailing/surfing into 3rd grade.   My classroom is in the 3rd grade hallway.

Interesting view of our LeWitt Sculptures hanging in the hallway

Organizational bulletin board in classroom

The other bulletin board to tie in with 3rd grade back to school theme this past fall.  Again, by my daughter who loves to create bulletin boards.
Kinders One Fish Two Fish bulletin board

Individual fish from Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board

That wonderful value project from Mr. E.

Some Near/Far pictures from 3rd grade
kites in the wind

5th grade radial notans for Dot Day

2nd and 3rd grade dots with Symmetry and Asymmetry

1st grade color mixing dots for International Dot Day
The pony moved inside the room to add pizazz to a new board
4th grade symmetry dots for Internationals Dot Day
4th and 5th grade dot bulletin board at the Cape
Leaf prints in the hallway 
Hallway bulletin board fall 2014

Fall 2014 Hallway Bulletin Board
More of Kaileigh's creative work
Sea you in Art!

Art in a Minion ways
Pokemon Go!
Dot Day 2016

Cassie Stephen's lesson on Texture.  I added asymmetry.

The Pokemon Board is growing dot for Dot Day

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