Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kindergarten Texture discovery!

I love having Kindergarten students discover texture.  In past years I have given them a ball of white model magic and they have impressed it on the bottom of a shoe to create a disk.  After they water colored them or colored with markers, I glued a  heavy strength magnet on the back to create a refrigerator magnet.  Last year I grabbed the low-fire clay during one class when they completed a clay project more quickly that expected and created the magnets that way.  They were a bit heavy for the magnets so I made a mental note to add a hole prior to the bisque firing this year to create necklaces.  I had instructed students to bead a pattern but the color beads were too much for some students and they just beaded.  I had handed out felt square for students to bead on.  This really cut back on beads rolling off the tables and bouncing across the floor.
To finish the bisque, I had students color hard with all those end of the year broken crayons.  A coat of black tempera colored everything and was washed off to create the batik effect.  Bold coloring in the lighter colors creates a better finished project.

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