Monday, November 11, 2013

Mono Printing

Have you ever tried mono-printing with the EZ cuts?  I used them several years ago and decided to drag them back out this year to use with 1st graders.  The focus was on shape and layering the prints to create an abstract product.

 I encourage students to try to create a composition, not only a series of shapes.

 Some students were much more successful than others.  This project always elicits oohs and ahhs as students are surprised by their initial success.  I wasn't quite as pleased with the transfers so for the next class I layered damp paper towel between the pieces of white construction paper to try to keep them a bit more damp.  Since my set up was a few hours prior to the actual class time, the paper was pleasingly damp and not too wet.  Much to my surprise the students began to print on the damp paper towel.  The colors were very vibrant and both the paper towel and construction paper went home as the finished project.

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