Sunday, November 17, 2013

David Wiesner

I made a trip back to the Eric Carle Museum today to listen to David Wiesner share about his new book "Mr. Wuffles".   It's a charming story about a cat who is indifferent to cat toys but intrigued by a space ship that he believes is a very interesting toy.  Wiesner's illustrations are very detailed and his books exemplify the idea of a picture book.  Many of his books do not have words and most only have limited words so much of the story is left for the reader to decipher and create.  He is probably one of my favorite authors primarily when I am trying to instill in my students the concept of a picture telling a story.  I have been using his book "Art and Max" to assist 5th grade students as they create their own picture books.  I was please to be able to have it signed today.   I wish all my students could have joined me to meet Wiesner today.  He shared his illustration process which mirrors what I have been having the students do with their own work.   I think it would have been fabulous for them to be able to relate to him.  The next I want book for my wish list will definitely be "Mr. Wuffles"!

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