Sunday, November 10, 2013

Becoming Children's Book Authors and Illustrators

Fifth grade students have been busy research and analyzing children's illustrated books over the last several week.  As the books have been read, they have looked for messages in the illustrations that further the story and also studied the different ways the manuscript is paced through emphasis and punctuation to assist in the delivery of the story.  After choosing a subject for their own story, they have broken into cooperative groups to begin writing manuscripts and developing characters.  The next few weeks will  involve practice, practice, practice to create characters who can demonstrate emotions and illustrations that enhance the story line.  The goal is to create an illustrated book with the target audience of PK - 2nd grade and complete it prior to holiday break in late December.

Here are a few students in breakout groups developing ideas and drawings as they progress with their work. This is a strong cooperative endeavor.  Students are demonstrating mature choices and sensitivity to one another's personal preferences.  I am enthusiastic for the end products!

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