Monday, November 11, 2013

Kindergarten color mixing and cutting practice

A good example of the orange, green and brown from mixing the colors
 Color mixing and cutting skills are a big focus for Kindergarten students.  Although many come to Kindergarten having developed skills in the use of scissors, many have never used them and must be taught even the most basic of skills, like how to hold them correctly to even manipulate them to work.  I few years ago, I created this simple pumpkin shape to use for a color mixing lesson.  Any medium can be used for completion but I prefer to use a pressed crayon or art stick that will blend easily.  I have used this lesson in October and turned the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern or often save it for November for a
This student didn't quite color enough to produce a rich color finish
Thanksgiving pumpkin.  Students begin by coloring the entire thing with a yellow color.  I pick that up and hand them a blue one which is used to color the leaves and stem only.   Finally they trade the blue for a red which is used to color the stem and the pumpkin body while avoiding the leaf areas.  Using the colors sideways to make a broad stroke increases the opportunity for the colors to blend well.  Finally, is cutting practice as students cut only on the dotted line to produce the finished pumpkin shape.  

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