Sunday, November 10, 2013

"I can be an Art teacher!"

My daughter just gifted me with the Barbie "I can be an Art Teacher" doll for my classroom.  Of course, I promised I would take it to school for a room decoration.  She can create three different paintings using cold water.  I haven't taken her out of the package and I'm not sure I will because all those little pieces would be lost if I did, I am sure.  It is cute for any of you that are into collecting art related toys.

Other pieces in my collection are a lego artist, balloon sculptures and the ever popular real artist portrayals through finger puppets and doll collectables.  I guess we all are really just kids at heart!
one of my students introduced me to this guy.
Not a Koons but has that look
Often are introduced when studying the artist.
I just visit their website and there are many new ones.
I'll be saving my pennies for those!

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