Monday, February 17, 2014

Lines, Patterns and Emphasis

I recently introduced my students to Zentangles.  Although I have an instructional poster which I shared with you previously here, I encouraged my students to be totally original with their doodle designs.  I introduced the lesson by having them practice on another piece of paper.  Then they created the box and divided it with a string.  The focus then went to our vocabulary wall where we reviewed basic lines and talked about pattern.  They were then encouraged to create patterns using line and repetition.  The last step was to add a shape or three with a fine sharpie as an overlay on their work.  Colored pencils were added to highlight the shape for an emphasis in their work.  This is the first completed project.  I will post more as they are finished.  This lesson was from 3rd grade and it seemed to be a perfect age.  They really jumped into this project with enthusiasm.  I think I may have started something, hopefully it won't interfere with their other classroom work.  These will definitely be frame-able!

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