Friday, February 14, 2014

A little like Jasper Johns

 First graders learned a little about the style of Jasper Johns this past couple of weeks and learned a little about folding as well.  Each student had 1/2 of a 9 x 11 piece o f paper.  They had to fold it in half making certain to line up the edges for a nice clean fold.  Then they folder the outsides to the center to end up with four rectangles.  I had used the school die cut machine to cut several of each of the letters of the alphabet and they were allowed to trace
 letters of choice.  Students were very clever
with their choices.  One selected letters to represent the first names of their family members.  Another chose letters to represent a favorite phrase and CONN was short for Conner.  Next they were introduced to complementary colors.  They were instructed to color three letters of their choice using the complementary combinations and once they were finished, I would share with them the

 instructions for the final letter.  For this one, they were given creative choice.  They were also encourage to trace their letters with creative choice for placement as well.  Those crooked and backwards letter were a choice. Jasper John did not make his numbers and letters align perfectly and we were not going to be encumbered by that strictness as well.  This really seemed to work with enforcing the complements as students performed well on a 2nd quarter assessment with questions about complementary colors.

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