Friday, February 14, 2014

It's another manic snow day!

Anybody up for some deck time?
An hour and a half to clear the driveway and sidewalk this morning.  That's after going through the same routine yesterday in the late afternoon.  Don't get me wrong, I love all this beautiful, clean white stuff.  Especially once it is cleared away and the sun comes out to melt all the walking and driving surfaces back down.  I can't think of a more beautiful place to live.  The temperatures are really nice today and the sun is thinking about making an appearance.  Since the weather man is forecasting a gradual warm up to the low 40s later in the week,  I'm not too worried about where to pile another downfall. I bet  you southerners never think about those sort of things.  We really do get to the point sometime where you run out of places to pile the new snow.  As I clear the driveway I have to consider placement so we have visibility to back out of the driveway.  If you can imagine, the literal mountains of snow in the outer edges of all the public parking areas.  Resourceful kids can be seen sledding down those as well as the hills of the local parks.   It's pristine, it's beautiful, and it's fun if you are a snow person.  Having actually grown up in Arkansas where a couple of inches mixed with ice was a big storm,  I think I've adjusted fairly well to living in Western Massachusetts. I'm handy with a snow blower and have learned how to direct the snow to keep it from landing back down on the drive or sidewalk. I like to think I've been New England-ized! So as I'm lounging here enjoying the warmth of the house and the beautiful view outside my window, I am thankful this Valentine's Day for even the snow!

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  1. Hey! My deck looks just like that! I can't seem to find my back yard though! We had high winds last night so it is completely drifted in, every where! Hang in there! I'm going back out to finish shoveling! :)