Sunday, February 23, 2014

In the house and watching it snow

Haven't had much to post lately.  We were on February vacation, it snowed way too often and I've been busy working on my readings for an online course through AOE.  I'm enrolled in Assessments in Art Education.  If you haven't checked out AOE classes you truly should.   They will work for Professional Development or can be taken for Graduate Credit.  I am feeling just as challenged with this course as I did while working on  a previously completed Master's degree and am particularly appreciating the opportunity to dialogue with other Art Teachers.  Too many of us work in a bubble, this is a terrific way to poke a hole into that bubble.  With that said, I promise to work on posting students projects again really soon but for now, just have patience with me and stay warm!


  1. I'm taking the AOE class , Showing student growth in Art in March! I can't wait to start! i have only heard really good things about the classes! Bonus is my school district is paying for it! :)

  2. Love that you posted about this. I will say that the assessment classes cut into my 'blogging time' a bit. It's so worth it though... I always learn from teaching classes!