Friday, March 15, 2013

Wacky Bird Mural - A study in Cooperative Art Making

stock vector : seamless vector pattern with birds and treesThis image was the inspiration for a 1st grade cooperative project this past week.  I generally have first grade students work in cooperative groups at this time of the year and have approached the lesson in a number of different ways over the years.   I think this one ranks high on the success factor.  I begin the lesson by reading the book "The Crayon Box that Talked" by Shane Derolf.

Stress is given to the importance of cooperation and the success that is achieve through kind words and support for others.  Students then work together to create a mural on a common subject.  This year the subject in one of my buildings was birds in a tree.   I used this fun handout from Expressive Monkey to assist students in creating their own wacky bird.   They colored with markers, cut them out as skillfully as possible to remove all white borders and glued them on the tree in their place of choice.
1st grade Wacky Birds Mural


  1. Hi, I am happy to come upon your blog :) Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, and I have just done the same. I recently printed off the Wacky birds handout for my students (got to love finding goodies on Pinterest). I really like how you incorporated it into a cooperative project. I look forward to following your blog
    ~Kristyn from

  2. I love your Wacky Bird mural! It's fun to see how many ways creative people can use the Wacky Birds. Thanks for sharing your ideas and spreading the word about Expressive Monkey!
    You can use Facebook as a way to find out when I add new lessons.

    Expressive Monkey