Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Positive and negative space

This is a lesson I tried for the first time with 5 th grade students this year.  First they painted values of white and green to create the sky and ground.  Week two students cut the paper to create a tree.  The paper was cut from top to bottom and using one side of the paper at a time, branches were cut for the tree.  As the cutting occurred, students glued down the painted paper onto a brown background leaving a gap to expose the background paper which would become the tree.  For some students this was an easy project for others the concept was a bit challenging.  Once all the tree had been exposed, extra painted paper was trimmed away and a black sharpie was used to add texture to,the tree.  Here are examples of student work.

Here are some more photos from my other school where the trees were created on a white background and made to look like Birch Trees.

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