Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Art Time

I picked up this really cool wall clock at 5 Below for, of course, just $5.00 the other weekend.  My clock in my classroom quit working a while ago and this seemed perfect for my room.  It did not come this way.  It is a whiteboard clock.   It is metal and you write on it with a whiteboard marker.  I used a sharpie for the numbers and these words so that they wouldn't easily erase.  But, I did read on Pinterest that you can erase marker by using a whiteboard marker.  The original suggestion involved writing students names directly on their desk and erasing them at the end of the year by going over them with a whiteboard marker.   It does work, I messed up on the placement of the numbers and grabbed a whiteboard marker.  In no time, I was able to clean off the mistake and begin again.  I think the clock looks great in my room and the kids like it too.  Most of them have to be convinced that it is real.  My thoughts, what better way to remind them that in the art room it is always "Art Time"!

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