Saturday, March 23, 2013

Literacy in Art

I had the pleasure of attending a Professional Day at the Williams College Museum of Art yesterday where we viewed an exhibit on literacy integration into Art.  I always enjoy the opportunities at WCMA and walk out with something to incorporate into my teaching after every PD opportunity.  
With yesterday reflecting on my mind, I opened a blog post today from a fellow blogger at Teach Kids Art who has shared links to popular children's books that might be incorporated into lesson plans in the art room.  I am inspired to think more deeply about what I am already doing and how I might further incorporate literacy into my lessons.  I recently ordered a new book by Barney Salzberg "Andrew Drew and Drew" that will definitely be the delight of my Kindergarten classes.  I already share "Beautiful Opps" with them.  Check that one out as well if you are not familiar with it.  I try to begin every session with the Kindergarten classes with a children's book.  I don't necessarily use the book to create the lesson every time but it might some how connect.  
For instance, Kinders are currently learning about the circus and drawing animals using shapes.  I read the book "The Circus is Coming" by Hilary Knight before we begin drawing.  My focus is really on shapes and how they can combine in drawing but the circus is a great way to pull the students in prior to the drawing.  Most of my focus with Kindergarten is on the mechanics of tool use and shapes.  They learn to color "slow, slow, slow around the edges" so they obtain the mastery to stay in the lines and to visualize how every thing can be created if they can identify what shapes are used.  My purpose is to lay a foundation for less structured drawing in the later grades. 
 I hope to create an addition to this blog over the next few days/weeks showing my favorite books that I currently used in my teaching.  Check back, okay?!

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