Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wordle is just Fun!

This is probably old to everyone, but I have to say, I love Wordle.  I use it as a filler activity when I need to change things up a little.   First I have the students pick an art subject for their wordle and make a list of words that would apply to the subject.  This can be vocabulary words from a recent lesson, words pertaining to a favorite artist, or more personally words to describe a students strongest interest in art.  We go over the basics of the program which the students catch on to right away and I remind them to repeat words if they want to vary the sizes.  The more times a word is listed, the larger it will appear in the completed wordle.  I did this wordle by connecting to my blog and the program automatically created it.   Use the tabs on the top left to change color choices, fonts, directions, etc.  I do not allow my students to publish their wordle because I do not have written permission for their names to be posted on the website.  We are limited to printing in black and white at my school but these make a striking display if mounted on colored paper.   A title could be added to clarify the theme of the wordle for a bulletin board display. 


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