Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NO Name No Fame

I don't recall where I stumbled on those words a few weeks ago but they really got my attention and I began to test them out with my students.  I'd always get a giggle or two when I wrote it on the board but so far its really cut down on those no-name papers.  In my quest to discover a way to create a poster to leave up in the classroom instead of my writing it on the whiteboard for each class, I stumbled on to a really fun website for making signs or posters.  The web is Red Kid and it contains a variety of applications that would be very helpful to the classroom teacher.  This site lead me to another sign making site called says-it.  So here they are, my new signs for the classroom.  I printed them out on photo paper and will add an adhesive magnet to the back. 


  1. Sorry, spelling errors. I just saw this sign in an art teacher's classroom. It is so brilliant. Love this!