Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sun Prints with student created stencils

 When the weather cooperates, sun prints are part of the end of the year curriculum.  Some years the weather just doesn't cooperated but this year has been generous with really warm sunny days up here in the Northeast.  I think I saw the idea to use the stain glass scratch art paper to make a stencil on pinterest.  I tucked the idea away knowing it would work great for this year's sun prints.  I challenged 2nd grade students to draw geometric and organic shapes in an interesting way on the scratch art paper. They could overlap or texture the shapes in any way they wanted.  We headed outside into the sunshine ready to print once these were ready.  I wish my sun print paper had been a bit larger so the prints wouldn't have been cut off, but they came out pretty good.  This project has me thankful for this springs warm sunny days!

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