Saturday, May 30, 2015

Architecture in 3D

My second grade students recently spent sometime observing the homes outside the windows in the art room.  They were evaluating the way windows were placed on the homes and the exterior finish of the buildings.  They also examined the roofing choices made by the home owners.  Using a terrific little house template I had discovered a few years ago on pinterest,  they then created their own homes with a focus on the architectural elements.  Some students explored creating the illusion of siding while others attempted creating brick.  All students experimented with adding shingles on the roofs.  The above photo shows one classes completed "village".  I wish we'd had more time to maybe create a collaborative community with other elements but the weeks are quickly slipping by so that was out of the question.  Mental reminder for next year, start these a week or two earlier.  Below are a few individual houses.  I chuckled as I realized a few students had grabbed their scissors after these were completed and cut slits so they could open their doors.  Clever 2nd graders aren't they?!

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