Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let's Recycle!

Here we are in the final weeks of school and I have so much cleaning out to do!  My room became the catch all space for some really cool recyclables this year so when I was trying to come up with a final project for a class of second graders, recycled materials came to mind.  I had a huge pile of thin cardboard that a stamp collector had passed on to me as well as some cool ovals cut from mat board.  I pre-cut all the cardboard into 2" x 2" squares and gave students the option to use as many as they wanted but with a minimum requirement of five squares for each sculpture. First we reviewed how to slit the squares on each side so they could slide and lock together to form the structure.  Students experimented with what they sculpture might look like and determined how many squares they would need.  They also could cut anything into a small size if they wanted.  As soon as they had a plan they disassembled everything and painted the pieces in colors of choice adding designs and patterns as they wanted.  Once everything was dry, sculptures were reassembled and I used hot glue to attach them to the base.  This was a very successful project, the students really enjoyed it and it was all recycled!!

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