Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Love these self portraits

My project of focus to show growth for this year was self portraits.  My goal was to have students draw three self portraits over the course of the year. To keep it fun, students approached each portrait with a different theme.  In the fall, the focus was on teaching students to draw a self portrait emphasizing the placement and size of features as a teacher led activity..  A quick verbal review and demonstration proceeded the winter draw where students were to dress their portraits for the cold winter weather.  For the final portrait, 2nd grade students imagined themselves jumping on a trampoline or in a pike jump from gymnastics.  They began by tracing their hands and feet and then completed the work by adding the clothes and their own faces.  A verbal reminder was all that was given in terms of instructions for laying out the face.  I really do love how these turned out!

portrait one (fall)
portrait two (winter)

final portrait all same child

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