Saturday, June 8, 2013

Portraits and T-Shirt design contest

Here are a few portraits by 2nd grade students.  The focus was on proportions and placement of features of the face.  To add a fun twist, students were to contemplate summer, we have two more weeks of school, and design a T-Shirt for a summer contest.  They really got into the idea of a contest so much so that they missed my saying the word "imagine" in reference to the contest.  So being a good sport about it all because I did not want to dampen their enthusiasm, I hit the dollar store and picked up funky little pencil toppers for everyone.  All the finished portraits were posted around the classroom with a small post-it attached.  Students circulated around the room and voted for the 4 favorite shirts.  As I took them down I was thrilled to see that every post-it had at least 4 votes so they were very kind voters and sensitive to the feelings of their classmates.  And in the end, they were all winners with me!

Students working on portraits in progress.

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