Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fingerprint Birds with Kindergarten

Inspiration Project from Mrs. Weber's Art Class
I found this cute little project on pinterest from Mrs. Weber's Art Class and was inspired to do this lesson with my kindergarten classes.  My focus in kindergarten is all line and shape so this project really meshed well with my curriculum.  First students defined the horizon on their paper and then used a curved line to create some hills above the horizon line.  This most reflects the environment where we live and I wanted our landscapes to become familiar.  Then using shapes, houses were added to the landscape.  Parallel lines defined the trunks of trees and curvy, cloud like shapes formed the leaves.  Next parallel lines were used to create modern looking telephone poles which were connected with curve lines to represent the wire.  Stamp pads were used to print birds using just the tip of the pointer fingers.  Beaks, feet, eyes and wings were added to each little bird prior to coloring the composition using crayons.  Here are in progress photos from my students.  I always allow time for them to add their own personal touches to a project to avoid cookie cutter art.  I used this wonderful book, Birds by Kevin Henkes prior to the project.  It actually has illustrations of birds on telephone wires.  I think it was a perfect read!
student at work

This flock appears to be taking off

completed composition

student at work

dig the pink and purple house

student work with large beak birds

more of a community look with added truck

busy coloring 

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