Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Spot the Panda"

As a sequel to my last post, I wanted to share with you some of the "spot the panda" work from my students.  Unfortunately, not many of them finished on our last day of school.   A few of them returned to the art room at the end of the day to quickly post work they had worked on in their spare time.  This was a fun project that created a great deal of enthusiasm for the process.  I'll try it again next year but earlier in the school year so we will have more time!

spot the potato
spot the person with a missing nose

Spot the dog

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  1. What fun! The high school teacher in my school did a similar project, on a more sophisticated level. They were "I spy" drawings in black fine point marker pens, and each had a list of about 10 items to find. Every inch of space in the drawings were filled with intricate patterns and designs, and were fascinating to look at. I love that this project can translate to many levels!