Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Quiet and Efficient Pencil Sharpener, you say?

stubby pencils from this school year
As the year winds down, I am looking at a bucket full of stubby pencils and reflecting on just what that translates in to.  So here is the Math,  180 days of school times 36 pencils used in the Art Room every day, sharpened twice per day minimally.  So that is 72 sharpens each day times 180 days (minimally) equals 12980 times my sharpener turns around a pencil in a single year.  You need a really efficient pencil sharpener to handle that wear and tear and I do have my favorite sharpener for the job.
Sharpening 6 baskets or 6 pencils 2X a day

My Classroom Friendly Sharper has been my go to for a few years now and it does an absolutely terrific job!  Just check out that pencil in the photo above and the point that it makes every time I sharpen.  The best thing about my sharpener is that it is still going strong and I have sharp pencils every time I turn that crank!  No dull pencils in my art room!    I've even run raffles for them on this blog in the past.  I am SOLD on this super quiet, super efficient and not to mention really cool looking pencil sharpener.    I'll be putting it away to rest in a few days but it will be back in service come fall.  This will probably be the last pencil sharpener I will ever buy!!!

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