Thursday, June 2, 2016

Charley's quilt

I've noticed a lot of purchases by one of my student's families this year on Artsonia but I couldn't figure out what they might be buying.  When attending a recent district wide PD recently, another Art teacher from the northern part of our county shared a photo of a beautiful quilt one of the women who worked in her school had made.  She went on to share with me that the woman was the grandmother of one of my students and was encouraging her to participate in the Artsonia program because the family was so thrilled to see the work of her grandson.  They were the family, it turns out, that were making all the purchases on Artsonia and they were purchasing the quilt squares.  Check out this amazing quilt they have made using Charley's art.   I ask for permission to share this photo with my readers.  I am really thrilled to see a family so pleased with the Artsonia experience as well as delighted by Charley's art!  Isn't this the greatest quilt  you ever saw???  What a wonderful way to capture a period in time with a timely quilt.

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