Saturday, May 14, 2016

Images from the Night of Excellence

Borrowed this from a post.  Notes to the artist.
 I was disappointed that only one child received one.  
The Night of Excellence is a school wide event in one of my buildings.  Each classroom showcases work from the year.  Most are in the nature of state projects, unit work, or other grade based curriculum.   I was thrilled to be able to showcase  a few canvas paintings from my after school Art Club program.  

Looking in from the doorway

A few of the painting up close with the artist labels

Art was on the tables and the window shelves

A few more up close pictures taken facing the doorway

Next week - school number two!  I'll post photos from that one when it is over.  It will showcase works from all students grades K - 4th.  It's been a very busy month!

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  1. Your show looks beautiful! I am sorry your fan letters weren't as popular as you'd hoped - I had very few my first try but then I have been really pushing them the last few years - handing them out to parents as they enter and leave, having them ready on clipboards and giving them to kids. They are definitely becoming more popular each year, so I hope you'll try it again !