Sunday, May 22, 2016

Art Show #2 - The Capeless Fiesta Gallery

 I was really pleased at how the work shaped up for the first ever Fiesta Art Gallery.  I have shared with you previous how the teachers put on a Cinco de Mayo dance for students each year in May known as Fiesta.  Art classes are expected to do the decorations.  I have always hated to waste valuable art class time on dance decorations so proposed the idea of an art show to the committee this year.  I was pleased that everyone was very open to the idea.  I planned projects with cultural connections in mind for each grade level so they would enhance the dance theme but also allow for real art projects instead of decorations.  The photos are taken prior to the dance.
1st grade Tropical Birds from the Rainforest

Rainforest Birds - a multi media project with
drawing, painting, and collage

4th Metal Tooling Fiesta Suns

4th grade Lizards with the gallery label
3rd grade Crazy Cactus, a multi medium project with
collage, and drawing

2nd grade Amate bark paintings (on brown paper bags)

More Amate paintings

Tropical Birds in the entry way with the Gallery Sign
Crazy Cactus with Gallery Sign

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