Sunday, November 8, 2015

Now Presenting......Art Club

The inaugural meeting of the art club will be this Tuesday and I've spent a number of hours thinking about what that will look like.  I really want the art club to be about the interest of the kids so don't plan to spend a lot of time preparing lessons that need to be followed by rote. But for week one, I feel like I need something fun and engaging that students will be able to take home quickly.  A few years ago I made these really cute Turkey pins for a fund raiser.  They sold really well but the link was dead on Pinterest and I couldn't find the directions to share with my students.  I created my own and I'm sharing the hand out here for you to enjoy as well. All the circles are punched from scrap cardboard boxes.  I like to use the cardboard from Kureg cup type boxes, Kleenex, and cereal boxes.

Turkeys ready for the gloss medium to be applied created by the students 

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