Friday, November 6, 2015

My students LOVE my Classroom Friendly Sharpener!

If you haven't tried out the terrific sharpeners from Classroom Friendly Supplies, you are missing out on the best sharpener on the market.  Most of the time, I use it and sharpen all the pencils for my students but it is so easy that even my third grade friend here on the left can use it with ease.  Not to mention the fact that all my students are eager to give it a try.  It does such a great job that I have completed stopped using my electric sharpener.  It chews up the pencils; my classroom friendly sharpener sharpens them to an amazing point.  Check out the bottom photo for that image.  I especially like the ease of removing the cutting blades to easily clean out broken tips.  I chose not to mount mine, keeping it sitting on top of my desk instead.  When a student's pencil breaks, I grab my sharpener and take care of it right at their table.  It's amusing how fascinated they are to see a crank sharpener.  "That is the coolest sharpener" rings through my room daily.  If you haven't been lucky enough to test one of these out, head on over to the Classroom Friendly site and grab one for your classroom by clicking here.  There are lots of colors to chose from to mesh with your own color preferances or classroom motifs.  Next on my wish list is a purple one!!!

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