Sunday, June 21, 2015

One more day until summer vacation

4th grade oldie but goodie
2nd grade
The last week of school is always busy.  There are projects to return, some projects to finish, work to be photographed for Artsonia and then the need to fill the time for those who are finished.  Cartooning videos are always my go to.  The kids love them and I usually have a little time to sit each period and enjoy some time with my students.  They take the hectic out of the last week.  While researching the images for this post, I've discovered a number of new choices out there.  Someone, quick hide my credit card!!!
Here are the images of some of my go to videos:
This one is a hit with 3rd graders
For 1st grade with a enclosed handout

This is a fun alternative I've used as well

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