Monday, September 23, 2013

New to Artsonia

Welcome Teachers to Artsonia is at the top of the opening page and it looks so inviting.  I decided to finally set up Artsonia accounts for both of my schools this year.  I'd be holding out on you if I didn't admit that it was a LOT of work to set it up.  But with the weekend of work behind me, all of my students are now in the system.  The permission slips have been sent home and I've downloaded about 40 pieces of 5th grade artwork.  I feel like now it is just wait and see and mostly I am hoping that the parents really do give permissions.

Here is what I like most about the system.   After I've downloaded the art, I can instantly tell whose work is missing.  I haven't graded anything, yet, but I can go into the exhibit to review work and grade them later.  Now if someone accidentally takes home a work, I have a copy of it to look at later and it's not lost.

I especially like the ability to send email newsletters to families to keep them up on what is happening in my classroom.  With the new push for parental communications, this feature should make my job easier.

Editing works and enhancements are a breeze.  Now I realize how everyone makes their student's work look so professional, I'm on board for that!

I'm sure I will spend more time downloading work but suspect I will become more efficient with the process with practice.  I did download the app for iPad and iPhone for multiple downloads.  It worked well.

To sum it all up,  I think this process will be a win-win and if the Art Room brings in money all the best!  Oh, and I only will have to add new students and the incoming Kinders next fall!

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