Monday, September 9, 2013

Can't wait to start a project and selling off some books

I finally will be able to start a real art lesson on Wednesday.  The first week of school is such a challenge with new procedures, seat assignments and brand new students.  I know the kids are as eager as I am to finally get down to business!  I introduced a job chart to my students this year and I'm thrilled that they are excited about it.  Since I will be changing the job rotation from week to week and do not teach the same thing all day, I think I have made a little more work for myself.  I spent this afternoon jotting down the chart assignments in each class based on the projects and materials.  I think I can leave the chart the same for all my morning classes but will need to change the jobs for the afternoon classes.  If I don't jot it down, I'll definitely forget who did what.  I plan to change the assignments at the beginning of each week and I want to rotate the jobs to keep it more interesting.  Anybody have a better idea for job management?

On another note,  I cleaned out my bookcase today and am parting with a few never used children's picture books.  I decided that if I have not incorporated them into my lessons in the past two years, I'm not going to work them in.   I might as well make some money off of them so I can buy something else.  I've got my eye on "The Museum" by Susan Verde.  It is illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Sell a few and buy something new!  I think it's a perfect plan!

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