Sunday, September 15, 2013

International Dot Day and I'm with Peter H. Reynolds!

Setting up just before it started
Peter H. Reynolds

Introducing Animation-ish
Yes, it is true.  I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Peter H. Reynolds and his team today at the Eric Carle Museum.  It was fun, exciting, and enlightening.   Here is my "did you know?" from the day.   In the original printing of "The Dot",  Vasti painted a yellow dot, a green dot, a blue dot and a red dot.  She discovered she could mix red and blue and make a purple dot.  In the next printing of the book, the purple was changed to a green dot to correspond with the illustration where Vashti appears to be painting a green dot.   The original video of the book also mentions the mixing of red and blue to make the purple dot.   Since I have both original releases; I just didn't know that!!!  I also had never connected that Ramon from "ish" was the young boy who drew the squiggly line in "The Dot", his sister, Marisol is the leading character for
"Sky Blue".  All this new and fun knowledge from a great day at the Carle!  Yes, I did take lots of pictures which I will share with  you now.
My official membership token for the Dot club, an admission sticker along with the dot I wore
I added a dot 
The wall of dots

Picking a book
10th Anniversary issue of "the Dot"

Oh, and I bought "The Museum" and had it signed!  That was
my wish list book!

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  1. So cool - I had no idea Ramon and Marisol were continuations either, love that!