Monday, January 14, 2013

The march of the clay owls

Completed 2nd grade owls, drying in preparation for the kiln.


  1. Good thought! I did know that they tend to make little spikes, but didn't really think about it in the long run. I am sure I'll do what you suggest! Thanks!!

    Oh, and these owls. DARLING.

    1. Thanks, I thought they did well,too. There is a tool you can purchase to "sand off" the spikes. I unfortunately do not know what it is called. It is a rectangle about 3" long and about 1/2" on all other sides. It's white and hard. Not really alot of valuable information but the tool works well to sand off the spikes and make the piece smooth. Its also effective for small blobs of glaze that might have run down the piece although it does remove the shine.