Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pick and Draw with clay

Pick and Draw Clay heads
There were a few post earlier in the year on several blogs about the "Pick and Draw" game from Rich Davis.  I decided to order a set and couldn't wait to try it out as a clay game in my after school program.   Today was a our big game day.   I drew the cards pictured here and projected them with my Elmo so all the students in the program could view them at the same time.   It was fun to see the different interpretations by the students in the program.  Here are just a few.  I'll update you after we have added glaze in a few weeks.  For some of them we added a few holes in the top of the heads so that a hanging wire can be added.   Other students preferred to view their heads as an ornamental piece to be place on a table for viewing.  The cards were fun, I'll look forward to using them in other ways in my classes.

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