Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Defining space with Kindergarten students

My Kinders created these cute little drawings today as we talked about space and drawing things near and far. Everyone followed along to draw the road and the parallel lines with triangle trees then they were given creative liberty to finish their composition. I love the endearing quality of kinder work.
Kindergarten lesson on space (near and far)

supplies: pencils, crayons, 9x12 white paper
vocabulary:  vertical line, diagonal line, triangle, color (value) dark to light, pattern

Define and discuss the use of space in art. 

With pencils only, model as students draw a diagonal line from the top right corner to the lower left corner of their paper. Draw a second diagonal line beginning at the top right corner and going down to about the middle of the bottom of the page. Place 5 vertical lines across the left side of the paper extending from top edge of paper to one of the diagonal lines and draw triangles for trees on each line. The triangles should start small at the top of the page and get larger as they go down the page. Draw a large tree near the bottom of the page on the right side. It can over lap the road (the v shape made using diagonal lines). Have the students to select 3 different shades of green color, beginning with the darkest green, they should color the triangle on top, use the next darkest color for the next one down and the lightest green for the third tree down. Tell them to continue coloring to create a pattern. They should color the sky blue or gray( for winter) the road a color of their choice, and the ground a color of their choice. Encourage them to add details of their choosing. They could add birds, cars, people etc.

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