Sunday, April 29, 2018

Practicing Cooperative Creativity

A little interactive fun with some of our group collaborative work using technology!
These girls were really funny; always talking about how they
were going to work together but not always achieving
success in those endeavors.

First graders completed a Rizzi City project a few weeks ago.  Our next project was to further explore Rizzi by working collaboratively to create a mural of a city.   Students worked in groups of 4-5.  It's alway interesting to see what will happen with a collaborate project.  Some students do terrific with this style work; others struggle.  You quickly can identify those who will take on leadership and will moderate the group and those that will hang back and wait for instructions from the self appointed group leader.  You also will identify those that will attempt to engage as little as possible.  I always tells them that the purpose of the project is to
These guys are doing really well sharing the work load
Super group dynamic here and they  took turns being in charge

A closer look at the actual project
work together and that I will be monitoring cooperation.  I am looking for them to gain communication skills and work things out amongst themselves.  I never intervene other than to tell them to go back to the group and work it out together.

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