Monday, February 20, 2017

I have a new love

Diffusion geometric to organic
I have fallen head over heels for a new art "medium".  In the beginning weeks of school I venture into a local distributor and purchased a mega size container of coffee filters.  I intended to utilize them as dots for an annual dot day project.  Students used them to demonstrate symmetry and for mandalas.  Check out the link to our Artsonia pages to view those.  Along the way, they were used for a project to demonstrate the difference between geometric shapes and organic shapes  (draw geometric, spray with water and they turn into organic shapes).  At some point,  I became totally hooked on the diffusion qualities obtained with coffee filters.   My students have added them to Morris Burton projects, used them to make trees, as well as Artist Trading Cards.  The other day I decided to play with one for a project for an Art with Mr. E project for his #aheartadaychallenge.  The ideas are totally endless.  My newest effect was dropping on some Kosher Salt.

Morris Burton
Analogous colors for trees

Start with shapes
Spray with some water
Let it diffuse

Morris Burton using the paper the filter was sitting on to dry

Dropping on some Kosher Salt
If you haven't attempted these
Close up of  Kosher Salt affect
yet, pick some up and try it out
with your students.  The "WoW"
effect is totally worth the experience.  
For now, I'm off to do some creating 
with these new papers.

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