Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Book review with a project connection

I just finished reading this terrific illustrated biography written by Kay A. Haring, Keith's sister.  I loved this.   Many of the facts I already knew about Haring's life and career are included in the narrative.  The additional personal information adds clarity to my understanding of the choices Haring made in his life.  I can not wait to read this treasure to my students.

I already enjoy sharing the images of "I wish I didn't have to sleep! with students.  The companion books will definitely enhance my Haring unit.

I usually use Haring with fourth grade students.  They have done a variety of projects over the years generally focusing on the simplicity of line in Haring's images as well as the implied                                                                       movement in his work.

This year students connected Haring to a project in trace printing.  They created a Haring figure and included hearts in the image.  These were then used for printing.  Here are some images of student works.

Student work

You can find another project connection here.

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