Saturday, January 14, 2017

Monet's Garden Mono Prints

First grade students explored a little about Claude Monet this week and his role in the Impressionism movement.  My students are investigating print making this month so I attempted a new twist on an old idea for them.  You've all probably seen this project all over Pinterest.   I don't know who the originator was but it is a terrific project for mono-printing with mixed media.  It's terrific because the kids honestly are wowed by it as if it were magic.  So with this project in mind, I do it with 2nd grade, I began to experiment for a Monet project that would give similar results with different mediums.  I like the idea of focusing on Monet's Japanese garden and that very famous bridge that he has painted so many times.  I also wanted to make students conscience of the impressionist style of Monet and not have them rely on just coloring in the picture.  I pulled out the Payons, my 1st graders were using these for the first time so it would be a huge treat.  I modeled the way they should used them as if they were painting with shot strokes  of a brush.  They were to be very mindful of using strokes of color and also the intentional direction of the stokes to create the effect we were hoping for of flowing water and growing plants.

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